• Investment in Vocational Education
  • Prioritizing School Safety
  • Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights
  • No Taxes on Income, Carbon or Capital Gains
  • Preventing Catastrophic Wildfires
Matt Manweller

Rep. Matt Manweller
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Representative Matt Manweller

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Education funding, vocational training, capital projects, Hirst  solution, school safety, COLA, railroad funding, property tax relief.

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Father, Husband and Professor

Representative Manweller

Matt and Shelley have been married for 9 years. Their two children, Lincoln and Grayson, love soccer, Pokémon, Transformers and karate.

Shelley is a passionate life-long teacher and a curriculum specialist.

They live on five acres overlooking the Mt. Stuart Range. As a family they love to camp, fly-fish and ride their 4-wheelers.