Eliminating Taxes

With the passage of HB 1068, my first bill eliminated the hated “TV tax” in rural counties.

Lowering Fees

I am proud of HB 1254 which lowered the prevailing wage paperwork fees down from $80 to $40 for all contractors.

Increasing Access to Water

My Irrigation District Administration bill, HB 1417, helped irrigation districts more efficiently manage their resources.

Promoting Agriculture

When farmers told me they couldn't get their harvests to the main transportation corridor, I sponsored HB 2225 which allowed them to use the Milwaukee Road corridor to transport their ag products.

Controlling the Bureaucracy

Hearing too many complaints from workers who could not get their electrical licenses, I wrote HB 2253 and HB 2886, reforming the Dept. of Labor and Industries and facilitating peoples' ability to work.

Promoting Rail

As the co-founder of the Legislative Rail Caucus, I feel railroads are the forgotten infrastructure. When I passed HB 1586, the Royal Slope Line was brought back to life.

Honoring Veterans

Too many historic cemeteries, many of which are the home to veterans, are in a dilapidated state. I passed HB 2637 which provides small grants to these cemeteries to keep them well maintained.