• As a husband, father of two, and a lifelong educator, I believe Washington can be transformed so that we are more competitive with other states.

  • Where I stand . . .

    Low Taxes - We need smaller, more efficient government and only as much government as we can afford.

    Protect Property Rights - Government should not be allowed to take your property without just compensation and regulations should not devalue your property.
  • Where I stand . . .

    Local Control on Land Use and Curriculum Decisions - Decisions should be made by those we elect locally and not from Olympia.

    Strong Oversight on the Unelected Bureaucracy - Too many laws are passed after the Legislature goes home. This needs to stop.

  • Where I stand . . .

    Sunset Clauses for all new Regulations passed by the Legislature - Five years after passage of a regulation, the Legislature must reauthorize the regulation, or it is eliminated.

    Defending Water Rights and Finding WaterStorage - Water is the lifeblood of our economy. We cannot play politics with this essential resource.
  • Where I stand . . .

    Adequate funding for the Police, Firefighters, and Teachers - If the State focuses solely on its Constitutional duties, there will be plenty of money for public servants.

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My Bio

Washington State Legislator
Elected to House Leadership Team serving as Deputy Floor Leader
Labor and Workforce Standards, Ranking Member
Joint Select Pension Policy

Lifelong Educator
Tenured University Political Science Professor
High School Math & Economics Teacher
Co-Founder of Silver Creek Alternative School

Community Leader
Trustee, Freedom Foundation
Board Member, Chamber of Commerce
Research Advisory Board, Wa. Policy Center
President, CWU Faculty Senate (2009-10)

Conservative Commentator & Columnist
Commentator for Christian Broadcasting Network
Editorial Writer for Seattle Times, Washington Times, and Daily Record
Author of The People Versus the Courts and editor of The Chronology of the US Presidency
Producer/Host of Point to Point television show

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How I've Made a Difference